Mr. Norizo Hirose

Last February 27,2014 during the 3rd Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit, our very own Mr. Norizo Hirose – President of Prostaff Japan, expressed his vision and ideals of the Electric Vehicle in the Philippines.


Through his study, vision, and determination brought us - Prozza Hirose Manufacturing Inc. which is situated in Tawagan Tayud, Consolacion Cebu. He believed in the great potential of the Philippines for the promotion of electric vehicle industry.


His goal is not only to make an assembly plant in the Philippines, but also the production development itself as an industry.


He is very positive that we can solve the challenges during this infancy stage of the electric vehicle industry.


He envisioned that Electric Vehicle will not only be effective for environment improvement but also as an important industry infrastructure in the Philippine


He strongly believes that with the cooperation of every Filipino, we could create a new category of vehicles that would connect the Philippines to the world…