Corporate Profile Prozza Hirose Manufacturing Inc.
President Katsushi Hirose
Office Address Tawagan St., Tayud, Consolacion, Cebu, Philippines
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Affiliates Prostaff Co., Ltd.
Prozza Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Basta EV Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Basta Car Accessory Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Basta Co., Ltd.




The Future is in our hands.


Let’s now stop looking for new category products. Prozza Electric Vehicles are the ones everybody already been thinking of as the product of the future.

To the era of air pollution and noise pollution, carbon dioxide emission, soaring fuel prices, and the shrinking of the gasoline market (quite a number of gasoline stations are in decline in Japan) – this (EV) is our answer.

It is true that there are still challenges facing EVs such as the charging station infrastructure, higher prices of EVs, and shorter driving range.

Our EV scooter “Miletto” can be charged in your home and the Electric Trike “Pecolo”that can reduce/eliminate the environmental air and noise pollution in the Philippines. As an EV manufacturer this is the future we have been longing for, to overcome the challenges EV is facing today.

We believe that the future is drawn full with everyone’s smiles and a lifestyle that beautifully in harmony with the environment.

Now the Future is in our hands.



Since birth, it is embeded in the DNA of our R&D to seek for New Technology.

Our company started in 1919. Our Founder Mr. Takehara accepted the contract from DAI NIHON BOUSEKI (now UNICHIKA CO. LTD) to design and install all its manufacturing machineries and lines.

On those days computer is non-existent, so all the complex control systems had to be mechanical.

It was very hard and it’s not an exaggeration to say that the piece of technology that we made was a state-of-the-state at that time. We are proud that in our DNA is “Research and develop advanced technology”.

During the 2nd world war, it was our saddest days when we provide mechanical technology (the landing & taking off mechanism of the airplanes) for the Navy Fighter Planes, codename “ZERO FIGHTER”.

We are also into manufactruing “CABTON Muffler” for Cabton Engine Bike.

We’ve been learning many things and deliver the latest products in more occasions.


 The manufacturing principle to develop products for the benefit of our customer is in our DNA”.

Post-World War 2, we restarted our business as “TAKEHARA MACHINE MANUFACTURING Inc.” and provide INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY & EQUIPMENTS to the market. Also we found out new category of business in Motorization scheme.

In 1968, an Automotive Accessory division was set-up and built an R & D for this new product category.


KIIROBIN”, an automotive glass oil remover was one of the first products developed and became the long-selling product until now.

During those days, the number of cars in the street increased and so to the accidents. To avoid this kind of accidents caused by low/poor visibility, the Glass Oil Clear “KIIROBIN” demand spread all across Japan. Our marketing played a heavy role on this.


In this picture is the earlier years of our younger President Norizo Hirose on marketing in Japan.


Prostaff Co., Ltd.

1915 Founded as independent contractor undertaking the general design and construction of machinery and equipment.

1919 Company established.

1920 Began manufacturing and sales of Takehara-style ring twisters.

1960 Participated in manufacturing of the CABTON bike.

1963 Built a new factory in Omori, Niwa, Ichinomiya-city. Established the yarn twisting division.

1968 Established the automobile accessories division. Began R&D into the automobile accessories.

1975 Began manufacturing and sales of automobile accessories.

2003 Established Shanghai Basta Auto Accessory Co., Ltd. in China.

2004 Established Shanghai Basta Trading Co., Ltd. in China.

2005 Established Prozza Corporation.

2009 Began the sales of EV bikes.

2011 Became the first Japanese manufacturer to participate in the TT Zero electric bike race on the Isle of Man, British Isles, finishing 5th.

2011 Established Taiwan Prostaff Co., Ltd.

2012 Established Prozza Hirose Manufacturing Inc.